Hi, my name is Abigail and I grew up on the border between Surrey and Sussex with my parents, brother and our first 2 basset hounds Holmes and Watson. This is where my love of animals started and it just grew from there, since having Holmes and Watson, the bassets, I have had a whole menagerie of animals from fish, budgies, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, too many more dogs plus a horse. I even took this a step further and studied for 4 years Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Plymouth University and can now proudly call myself Abigail Boychuk BSc Hons.

My work with animals has not just been with my own personal animals, but I also worked in a pet shop, at a raptor and reptile centre, working both with the 13ft long boa constrictor as well as the most amazing birds of prey, which included training a harris hawk! I then went on to work at a dog training and behaviour centre assisting in the classes, which included obedience, agility, flyball and puppy classes.  I also assisted the behaviourist during the one to one behavioural classes. When I wasn’t training I helped out in the doggy daycare centre on site looking after and playing with the dogs.  I particularly loved working at the dog training centre as I found the classes incredibly interesting and rewarding as I was able to increase my knowledge whilst helping dogs enjoy their sessions and overcome their fears.

My love of animals has made the decision to become a dedicated walker, sitter, trainer and everything in between an easy one, as I have a passion to make every animals life the best it can possibly be. I have undertaken training with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), and have completed their assessment to become an accredited dog trainer, building on the knowledge I have gained from my work as well as degree. I can proudly state that I am a full member of the IMDT. Even though I have completed this I will continue to train to ensure I become the best behaviourist and trainer I can be, after all we can never stop learning. 

I offer a range of services to suit everyone and am always happy to discuss specific needs to ensure your pet gets the best care the I can give him/her whilst in my care.