Anya and Mischa

Our two dogs have never been in kennels and are usually looked after at home by my mother in law. With a 50th birthday planned in Rome and mother in law not able to dog sit, I was going to cancel Rome.

Both dogs train at Sussex County and they put me in contact with Abby. One of our dogs is very reactive (Anya) and the size of a large German Shepherd and takes time to get to know people. Abby was happy to make several visits to us in Worthing to take time to get to know both dogs . Not a short trip as she lives near Dorking. Abby was calm and confident and soon won Anyas trust. We walked them, and Abby also came to agility so that she could keep to their routine while sitting for them.

Abby took excellent care of both dogs, the house and a pond full of Koi’s. Both dogs were taken to their training classes , walked fed and kept busy with one to one training from Abby. I had a wonderful holiday and felt very confident leaving my dogs with Abby.

I was sent updates while away, including a photo showing them both sleeping, curled up next to Abby. Confirmation that they were happy, relaxed and being well cared for .

I cannot recommend Abby enough, professional, caring and firm enough to deal with the most challenging dog. I have already pencilled in my next trip, knowing Abby can easily pick up where she left off with naughty little Anya.

Thank you Abby for taking such good care of my precious doggies.